Medical Imaging

Dr. Saeda Abdelgader

Senior specialist

Speciality: Medical Imaging Department

● Joined Aldara in 2020 as specialist in radiology with two years experience in reporting routine X rays, CTs and MRIs, performing routine U/S and special U/S guided investigations and conducting special radiological investigations including urological, & Barium Studies etc.
● Completed a four years residency training program in Sudan.
● Experienced working in Khartoum state hospitals, Sudan.

● Certification 1 MD in diagnostic radiology from Sudan medical specialization board.
● Certification 2 Master degree in diagnostic Ultrasound.
● Certification 3 FRCR 2A.

Recognitions, Certificates:
● Certificate of Senior Registrar from Saudi Commission for Health Specialty.
● Certificate of specialist radiologist registration from Sudan Medical Council.
● Member of Sudanese association of radiologists (SAR).
● I was one of the outstanding residents during the residency program.