Sr. Director of Business Development

Farah Nahouli Halwani is the Senior Director of Business Development at Aldara Hospital and Medical Center with 25 years of experience across different industries. Farah is a motivational leader and a coach that has paved the way for her students and co-workers to fulfil their professional objectives and empowering them to realize their potentials.

A profit and patient centric director of operations and business development, a motivating change leader, seasoned in healthcare management and leadership, strategy planning, business development, operational troubleshooting and process improvement, quality standards and organizational policies and procedures.

A total of 16 years of experience in the private healthcare sector in Riyadh, during which Mrs. Farah spearheaded the development, communication, and implementation of effective growth strategies, drove successful launching of expansion projects, motivated and lead several departments with an entrepreneurial spirit and results –driven performance.

During the past years before joining Aldara, Mrs. Farah has been a member of Board of Directors “Quality Board Committee”, Chair of “Managerial Excellence Committee” and Member “Hospital CBAHI and JCI Accreditation Steering Committee”, in addition to serving on other hospital committees.

A faculty member at the School of Business Management at Lebanese American University, 1996-2001. Enjoyed teaching of marketing courses to undergraduate students integrating real-world material and experience.

●   MBA - American University of Beirut
●   BA in Business Administration - American University of Beirut